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e-Business Solmicro MKR.
Specialists in Marketing in Internet.


Solmicro MKR is a business division of Solmicro Group, specialized in e-Business, e-commerce and e-marketing services, all this integrated with ERP-CRM system.

We create, promote and manage business in Internet accurately, profitability and safety. We develop integral projects, key in hand, and all this with the only supplier for the client.

Our multidisciplinary equipment specialized in the Internet environment, and our methodology orientated to the results, allow us to develop complete projects of e-Business focused to achieving a user's positive experience, a promotion activates and an efficient management of the business online.

e-Business services:


e-Catalogs, Shopping Online B2C and B2B online ordering platforms focused on consumers and the search engines, which provide valuable content and interactive services. Our e-Commerce projects are planned to meet the specific objectives defined previously after analyzing each client, offering their expertise and their market demand.

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Estrategias globales de e-Marketing. Utilizamos todas las herramientas a nuestro alcance para generar sinergias: marketing de buscadores (SEO – SEM), generación de BB.DD., e-Mail marketing, e-Promociones, venta cruzada, e-Cupones, códigos QR… todas integradas con el CRM del cliente.

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Integration of e-catalogues and Shops Online (B2C-B2B) with ERP-CRM:

We build online scalable and efficient business on the market. We start strategies and-Business complete to move traditional business to the Internet environment. We integrate all this with the systems of management ERP-CRM of the client, with what we guarantee a simpler management, besides professional, of the business online.

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ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP

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