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Solmicro-eNgine. Maximum productivity.

The Solmicro-eXpertis ERP architecture has a made-to-measure applications development engine called Solmicro-eNgine.  This development engine provides it with high productivity and customisation of the applications, significantly reducing the development and implementation times and, therefore, the final costs of the application.



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Applications Development Engine:

Set of objects and allows attendees to develop and change management software. Provides high productivity and personalization applications.

Execution platform:

Programs that allow run Solmicro-eXpertis ERP-CRM and include objects developed by others and integrated into the execution estándar.lataforma:
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Solutions specially constructed for distributed facilities and all kinds of environments of work (Internet, VPN), without dependence of software of connection. Use of other tools of development and very widespread and standard BB.DD. of the market: Visual Studio .NET, Crystal Reports, SQL Server.

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Solmicro-eNgine allows that the equipment of development should centre on the implementation of his wide functionality that contributes value to the company and automates all the aspects of the development that do not do it. Thus, it contributes a few high levels of productivity.


Major productivity: it makes possible the reutilization of programs and Solmicro-eXpertis ERP-CRM contents and the saving resource and time in investigation and implantations. Major savings. Major competitiveness: it reduces the costs of development, is autoinstalable and autoconfigurable from the servant and reduces the IT infrastructure.

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ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP

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