Solmicro ERP. Integral Business Solutions Supplier.

Solmicro Group, in an effort to provide Integral Business Solutions, has developed different lines of service which cover the needs of every companys.This way, it becomes a single Business ERP Solutions Supplier: ERP-CRM, e-commerce, e- marketing, e-Business, CRM Tablet and Software and Housing Cloud (in the cloud).

ERP. Solmicro-eXpertis ERP-CRM

  • ERP-CRM Software Manufacturer.
  • 11 Vertical developments of the ERP-CRM.

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Solmicro MKR, Marketing and Internet of Results

  • Integral management of Projects of e-commerce, e-marketing and e-Business integrated with ERP-CRM.
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ERP. Solmicro Cloud. ERP-CRM in the Cloud.

  • ERP-CRM Solutions in the Cloud. Software in rent, payment for use.
  • Azure Platform Hosting – Microsoft.
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ERP. Solmicro-eNgine. ERP-CRM Development.

  • Development Platform of ERP Applications.
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Óscar Mendizabal

General Manager at Bueno Hermanos

"Before knowing Solmicro we suffer 2 ERP implantations very problematic. We manage to be one month without invoicing, and with 8.000 clients. Since we work with Solmicro we have stopped not even a minute for IT problems. Now with Solmicro we are happy. "
Carlos Pujana

General Manager at Izar

"In the 12-year relationship with Solmicro we have found the Partner Technology that every business requires. We started with the first ERP Solmicro developed, and we're currently migrating to the latest version."
Antonio Gallardo

Director at Systems Division of CIE Automotive Europe Aluminum and Machining

"The technological leap that has experienced Solmicro-eXpertis is very high. To this must be added the ease of use of the application."
Jon Viteri

General Manager at Afesa Environment

" Solmicro has a vocation of deep diagnosis and of finding effective solutions. The fundamental thing: the flexibility and the simplicity of its ERP tool".
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All the Solmicro Customers ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP
ERP | ERP-CRM | Solmicro ERP

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